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Located on historic St. Vincent Court, The Artist Collective is the hottest new concept in event spaces. Please contact us at artistcollective@icloud.com for more information. Check us out on Peerspace about renting our space for your event. 

Joel Plotch

JOEL PLOTCH is a photographer, director, screenwriter, and an acclaimed feature film editor. His photographs represent a eight-year journey that started when he and his family moved to Paris to educate their son. Over those years he’s been traveling throughout Europe taking photographs and exploring and “reflecting on” the landscapes and cityscapes of other cultures and times.  These are a small sample of his collection.

Natasha Schlesinger of ArtMuseNY describes his work as similar to “the early 20th Century photographers. They feel timeless, with a bit of melancholy and romanticism…”

Michael Becker

Michael Becker lifelong interest in art inspired him to become a photographer. Self taught he has been included in many high profile exhibitions and has several portfolios in a New York museum.

His work can be also be found in permanent installations in several corporations on public display.

In the photographs REFLECTIONS you see the structure but you also see a refection of something else. Clouds in the sky or the refection of another building and you start to question what it is you are actually seeing. It moves in and out of our senses and creates a dialog that makes one wonder if what we are actually looking at is the same thing as what we thought we were seeing.


Juke Joint Dogs

DTLA ArtWalk  7pm - 11pm

Thursday, January 10 2019

Wine and Beer Reception • FREE CONCERT at 9pm



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